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Tea exactly when to begin the origin, has been difficult to accurately present research, but when the product began to spread and become a true sense of history is there as evidence of AD 1600 and later in 1602, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands has set up in India, the East India Company, which is, after Portugal and Spain, the Western powers continued large-scale colonization of Asia, France and later also involved in; precisely because these two countries have a background in the East India Company, in plundering the Asian material resources, but also the rich and diverse ancient Asian culture and cuisine transmitted to the West and the world, tea is one of them.

According to historical records relating to the Anglo-Dutch and inference , tea should be resident Indian Himalayan region since ancient times, consumption of a variety of drinks, although China 's Tibet and Inner Mongolia and Xinjiang, part of the region, including Mongolia and Central Asian countries now , and Bhutan , Sikkim, Nepal and other countries belong mud Himalayan region , at a very early period also had the custom of drinking tea , but still maintained , but there is a common flaw in these countries and regions, that in itself does not produce tea , tea entirely by foreign or foreign supply , due to the geopolitical relations , the use of Bhutan, Sikkim, Nepal mud , Bangladesh, Pakistan, mainly tea from India and Sri Lanka, Tibet , Inner Mongolia, Mongolia , China Asian countries , as well as across Europe and Russia used tea brands mainly from Yunnan, Anhui , Fujian and other tea producing area , has thus spawned from a historical spectacle tea horse Road and pressed varieties of Yunnan far to Europe while those in the outer regions and countries rely for major raw materials , some of which may be the custom of drinking tea or earlier , but it has been the product of a foreign material and cultural impact after the original has been customary non-genuine , so in accordance with international related to the prevailing practice, this is not going to be recognized as the birthplace of .

From the historical causes, the clammy cold Himalayan region of India, but with local tea with ginger, cardamom, cumin, cinnamon, cloves, pepper and fresh tomatoes from the tea can provide that people here have fend off the cold dampness efficacy and have nutritious food energy from the material conditions of view, this area has a rich plants and large-scale plants can raise cattle and sheep grazing, which can solve the source of milk, and the other is in the area south of Azerbaijan Samu Bang, where rich tea and spices, is the world's largest tea-producing areas, on the famous Assam tea produced there, tea and spices are rich in resources; due to the availability of resources, there is a demand, and the impact is non-invasive the original ecological food customs, and tea and many countries and regions in the world today and has a tradition of transforming a close relationship, so India is widely recognized as the birthplace of tea is a native.

India's tea production in two ways, appliances and methods of making the same are not used, the South like to use "pull" type of approach, technique is characterized by two strong that tea teapot milk and shuffling back and forth in the air, pulling together Brown arc, and with the impact of a change of pace maneuver to make tea, milk dissolved pay to go to reach the milk in the tea, tea incense in the milk of the situation, and this black tea with milk and spices plus drawn from the tea, is India's famous "masala tea" (Masala Chai);North is to use "cook " approach to production, the milk into the pot , add the boiling tea mix then simmer a few minutes , then add sugar to filter mounted cup , compared with the simple pull of tea tea obviously much tarik only high -tech but also filled with a sense of religious ceremony , and will be filled with a mouthful of fresh pot of concentrated milk when making teh tarik , and one equipped with a large copper pot of tea brewed strong that copper usually on the leading decorative pot , and will draw a vertical eye and three bars , and surrounded with fresh jasmine flowers hanging string to symbolize and worship almighty God " Shiva " (Shiva), but also metaphorical it is loved by God and bestowed beauty drink , the whole process gives a very sophisticated to enjoy the beauty. The tea is just a stove and a pot , convenient and simple, so tea this way almost all over the world most of the region ; tarik due to the high technical content and expertise required for the tea very high and difficult to grasp, until today only in southern India , Singapore, Indonesia , Malaysia , the United Kingdom , Hong Kong , Macao and other countries and regions, a few can enjoy .



















力博官方网 出国旅游的话,语言沟通不畅确实会给大家带来不少烦恼的。所有有一个翻译的工具就显得很重要了,我个人是比较喜欢糖果翻译手机的,因为它的翻译功能要优于市面上任何一款翻译器,而且它还具备了智能手机的功能,实用性也会更强一些。如果你对手机续航也有要求的话,那你可以去了解一下糖果翻译手机电霸系列----C21,在SUGAR手机T猫或京东旗舰店上都有在售,它的6100毫安超大容量,能让告别手机没电的烦恼。






2、同声传译是当今世界上在举办各类大型会议、论坛、峰会时经常采用的一种翻译方式。目前,世界上 95% 的国际会议采用的都是同声传译的方式。












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